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Care instructions

The general rule:
Clean your tattoo twice a day with running water (additionally if necessary
pH-neutral shower soap). Showering is of course allowed during the healing phase, but:
Bathing, sauna, solarium and sunbathing are taboo during this time! Sports only by arrangement
depending on the affected area as well as the sport. If you have any questions during the healing phase
please contact your tattoo artist or the studio.

Instructions for self-adhesive film:

If necessary, remove the film immediately
- Wound fluid leaks
- the film detaches itself
- the surrounding skin blushes

If none of the 3 points occur, then:
Leave the self-adhesive film on your fresh tattoo for 1-5 days. During this time you are completely allowed
Shower normally, but avoid the area when lathering and just use the water
let it run over it.
How do I remove the film correctly and gently?
To do this, stand in the shower and let the water come in at a comfortable temperature
Run over the foil for a few minutes. Then you grab a corner of the foil and pull it inside
right angle to the skin. Let some water get between the skin and the foil
gently pull on the foil. With a lot of patience it can be removed gently so that your
Tattoo and the surrounding skin are not irritated unnecessarily.
What do I do if adhesive residue remains on or next to the tattoo?
Try to 'bundle' the residue with careful circular movements so that you...
you can carefully remove them from the skin afterwards. If this doesn't work out so well, you can
You can also use some damp household paper to help. Note: carefully and
proceed carefully!
Now wash the tattoo under running water, if necessary with something pH-neutral
shower soap. After washing, be sure to dry the affected area with household paper
Speckle. Let your tattoo air dry for 30-60 minutes and then moisturize it a little
Tattoo cream.
Wash your tattoo twice a day, in the morning and evening. After washing and
When showering, use household paper to dry. Apply cream to your tattoo after it dries
the care product recommended by your tattoo artist. Should your tattoo be closed during the day?
start to itch; do not scratch! It's better to apply some cream again. Caring for your tattoo for
at least 2-4 weeks.

Cling film instructions:

Remove the film at the time given to you on the same day (usually 2-4 hours after
tattooing). Wash off your tattoo with running water. You can support us
Feel free to use pH-neutral shower soap. Dry your tattoo carefully with household paper.
Afterwards you are welcome to wrap the tattoo again in foil overnight (especially
if you have pets). Remove the foil early in the morning the following day and wash your tattoo
again and dry it with household paper. Then you leave it for about 30-60 minutes

air dry. If the affected area begins to 'tighten' a little, you are welcome to use it
Start aftercare and apply some tattoo cream. Wash your tattoo twice a day, each time
in the mornings and the evenings. After washing and showering, use it to dry
household paper. After washing your tattoo, use your tattoo artist's cream
recommended care product. If your tattoo starts to itch during the day; do not scratch!
It's better to apply some cream again. Care for your tattoo for at least 2-4 weeks.

Instructions for pads:

Remove the pads 4-4.5 hours after your tattoo appointment. Wash your tattoo thoroughly
running water, dry it immediately just as thoroughly with some household paper. Cover the
Now remove the tattoo with the new pads I received and stick them firmly in place. At the
The next day, early in the morning, remove the pads, wash your tattoo thoroughly and dry them
tattooed area with household paper so that the tattoo is really dry. Wait about 3-
4 days before you reach for the tattoo cream. Meanwhile, you are welcome to do it 1-2 times a day
wash something off. Once the tattoo is closed and this closed 'shell'
breaks open so that individual flakes of skin come off, you can continue this phase of wound healing
happy to support with tattoo cream. To do this, take some cream into your clean hands,
Spread it well and dab carefully over your tattoo. Be careful not to use too much cream
to apply. If this happens, use something to remove the excess cream
household paper. Less cream is more support!
If your tattoo starts to itch during the day; do not scratch! Better some more cream
Instruct. Care for your tattoo for at least 2-4 weeks.

Important: Our tattoo artists will advise you individually on your aftercare. Different
Tattoos have different healing processes. So are you unsure how to proceed?
If you want, talk to your tattoo artist or come to the studio.
(If necessary, add (?): If your tattoo is damaged due to not following your care instructions
If the tattoo artist needs a re-piercing, you will incur additional costs for the tattoo.
That's why we recommend that you take aftercare seriously and take care of your new one
to wear a tattoo.)

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